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FB gallery is dedicated to showcasing the works of talented up and coming artists (mostly related to street art) from Brazil and beyond. It was founded in 2011 by Francois Baron. For more information please contact fbgallery@yahoo.com.

Francois Baron

Our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/FB-Gallery/217668468254648
You can also follow us on Twitter: FBgallery1
and Tumblr: http://fbgallery.tumblr.com/

FB Gallery Offers A New Platform For Artists of All Kinds To Demonstrate Their Creativity
All artists desiring to share their ideas and to build a community of international creators and collaborators can turn their attention to FB Gallery: FB Gallery is expanding the vision of a gallery into the curation of a creative space utilized by artists, musicians, photographers and fashion designers for daily, weekly or monthly rental opportunities.

"FB Gallery is a podium for creative people, a social space, allowing artists to utilize the location according to their needs while bringing together a community under one roof that have access to each others brilliance," explains Francois Baron, curator of FB Gallery. "My vision was to expand on what a gallery is founded on and allow artists to have the opportunity to network amongst each other, leading to collaborations while strengthening each individual's talents and blossoming FB Gallery as a social platform for the arts," he adds.

FB Gallery provides renters with a creative environment while bringing together a network of artist(s) that have access to each other. Through this exchange, a promotion of ideas, talents and growth will occur. The gallery is social, innovative, fosters artist development, growth and collaboration. For more information, please visit www.fbgallery.net or contact Francois Baron at fbgallery@yahoo.com.